Friday, May 27, 2011

Follower Friday--Welcome Jo Ann Schneider

Follower Friday is where I spotlight a blog follower.  Meet the lovely and talented Jo Ann Schneider.

Jo and I have been in the same critique group for almost 2 years now, which means she knows what a punctuation nazi I am and I know that she hates girls who cry too much.  Jo recently won a first chapter contest for YA Fantasy/Sci-Fi.  I've had the privilege of reading the whole novel and it is action-packed awesomeness!   She is in the process of getting her novel ready for publication.  Her blog is called:  Novel Writing or Kung-Fu Fighting?  Jo is down-to-earth, delightful, and deadly.  That's right, people.  She's a black belt, so don't mess.  I asked her a couple of questions and here are her answers.

Q  What is your all time favorite book and why? I'm not very good at favorites. I'll be watching a movie and say, “Oh, this is my favorite part!” like six times. Discrimination is hard for me. However, in the spirit of the question, I'll pick a book I like.

Science Fiction and Fantasy have always been my genres. I remember the first time I read Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card. The story and the characters swept me away into a world I'd never known before. The book isn't funny, which is usually one of my requirements for loving a book, but I still found myself drawn to it. I longed to be as smart as Ender, and playing in the battle school training area is a dream I still harbor. So cool! I've never forgotten how it felt to read this story the first time—I'd never wanted a character to win so badly in my life. I wanted to reach into the text and make the story end happily just so the characters that I'd grown so attached to would get their just rewards. For good or ill. Perhaps the book caught me in one of those rare changing moments in life. Or maybe it's just a great story. Either way, my copy is pretty dilapidated.

Q  When it comes to peanut butter, chunky or smooth?
Chunky. When life gets smooth something usually comes along and roughs it up a bit. Why wait, just get it over with in your PBJ!

Thanks for following Jo!

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