Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day Funnies

For Mother's Day, each my kids gave me a paper where they had filled in the blanks to explain why I am a super mom.  My kids think they're pretty funny. 

The oldest melted my heart by describing me as understanding and kind.  Then I saw that she also included "short."  She likes to tease me about this because it won't be long before she is taller than I am and she's not even ten yet.  Ha ha.  She also wrote that I am "in discise."  I can only assume this is meant to be "in disguise" and to tell you the truth, that one has me a little baffled.  Does she not believe that I am her real mother??

Oh, my middle child.  She said some nice things too.  But mostly she left a lot of blank spaces.  I am trying to console myself by believing that she didn't have time because of the beautiful picture that she drew.

And my youngest said that I am super at: "unscrewing things that run out of batteries."  Yes, I have many talents.  The funny thing about that statement, is that when she wants me to change the batteries in something, I struggle to even find a screwdriver that is small enough.  And other times, I have been too wimpy to unscrew the opening that contains the batteries even if I have a screwdriver.  Then I explain that she will have to wait until her dad gets home.  I am glad she has been able to look over these times to see that when it actually happens, I am good at it.  (The trick is to look at the positive and negative signs.)

Don't I look great in green?  At least I have a head, because my oldest drew me without one of those.
I hope all you moms out there had a wonderful Mother's Day!


Grandma R. said...

Cute Mother's day gifts. I really liked my picture that the littlest one drew me. Maybe your oldest child meant that when you weren't "in discise" any longer you would be taller. :)

Melissa Lemon said...

My own mother, making fun of me.