Monday, June 27, 2011

Random Confession

Okay, don't hate me, but I never actually read the first three Harry Potter books.  Boy it feels good to get that off of my chest.  I am a book lover for sure, but I am also a movie lover.  After seeing the fourth HP movie I just had to read the books, or at least books four through seven.  I also have this "special talent" of being able to tell if a movie was made from a book.  Tale of Despereaux:  the narrating at the beginning tipped that off.  Holes:  it was just too full of awesome to be ONLY a movie.  Stardust:  has anyone ever written a plot like that before?  Ever?  Amazing!  Yes, I'm an author and I should have known these were books before I saw the movie, but I blame my husband.  Watching movies together is kind of our thing.  We can't read together because I'm a speed reader and he prefers audiobooks (which I hate).  At the end of a long work week a good movie is our indulgence.  And I can't read every book; there just isn't time.  So, once in a while I see an incredible movie and say, "I bet that was a book first."  And so far, I'm always right. 

This happened the other night when we watched I am Number Four.  Yes, I know I'm showing my ignorance here, but I had no idea this book was out there until I saw the movie.  But to make up for that, I did some research.  Just in case you didn't know either.
  • I am Number Four was written by Pittacus Lore, which of course is a pseudonym because nobody is that cruel.  The authors' real names are James Frey and Jobie Hughes.
  • The movie rights were sold before the book even came out.  (How does that happen, exactly?)
  • It was on the children's chapter NY times bestseller list seven weeks in a row.  At numero uno.  (Where have I been, exactly?)
  • There will be more, apparently.  Hallelujah!  The next one is set to come out in August so I guess I know what book I'm reading in July.  (Sorry books on hold at the library; there are just more pressing matters.)
Thanks Wikipedia for bringing me up to date.  After watching the movie--which pretty much left me thinking, What?  That's it? because it could have just kept on going and I would have been perfectly happy--I said, "I bet that movie was made from a book."  Sure enough.

There was one scene in the movie that kind of made me laugh.  A floor machine is shown running all by itself, signifying that the custodian manning it had been killed.  Let me just tell you, as a person who has cleaned many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many floors, floor machines do not run by themselves.  Once you let go of the power bar, they shut off.  It's a safety measure because, after all, they are dangerous power tools.  (Trust me on that.)

What "special talents" to you have?


Bonnie said...

I just found you through the Evie-Bookish blog and am so excited to read your book Cinder and Ella. It looks fantastic! I am a new follower.
Bonnie @ HandsAndHome

Melissa Lemon said...

Welcome Bonnie! Thanks for following.

James Duckett said...

The second book is "The Power of Six." I can't wait because I enjoyed the movie. Mostly.

aunt katie said...

I went to that movie with LaNell and we had no idea it was an alien movie. We caught on after EVERY preview was about aliens and LaNell leaned over and whispered, "Is this a show about aliens?" Well I didn't know and we weren't sure about staying since neither of us are into that. But we stayed and it was alright - but I'm not interested in the book. Let me know how it is.

Melissa Lemon said...

Yeah, I'm not usually into alien movies, either. I think the only other one I like is Signs.