Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Writer Wednesday--How do you write?

Some girls adore nothing more than a brand new pair of shoes. Not me. Shoes are shoes. They cover your feet and hopefully don't clash too much with what you're wearing.

I do get drooly while walking down one aisle at the store, though. What aisle is that, you ask? Think pens and pencils, scissors and glue, folders and 3-ring binders. That's right, I get lost somewhere in all of those school supplies. Why? Because of that row of shiny, colorful notebooks. I probably even get a little bug-eyed, and sometimes I think they're the most beautiful things I've ever seen. I'll pick one up, open it, smell it. Recycled notebooks seem to be my favorite, but I can't pass up the .15 cent spirals during back to school sales either.

Lately, writing has been difficult. There just doesn't seem to be any time. But last night, I picked up a notebook, and the pen in my hand started to fly. It was magic. I think writing new material on a computer is not my thing. It's not even writing; it's typing, which to me is a bit too much like...HOMEWORK. I love to hold a pen in my right hand and a notebook in my left. It is fun--even if it's frustrating, too--to try to read my own writing later on.  My creative juices seem to flow better when I've got a pen in my hand rather than when my fingertips are on "home row."  So I think I'll spend less time on the computer and more time with me nose inside one of those notebooks I love so much.

When it comes to writing, I live by notebooks.

How do you write?


Sharee said...

That is funny, I get drooly down the school supply aisle at the store as well. Earlier this week when I saw summer stuff still in the "special items" section my thought was, soon that will all be school supplies and I can't wait! I love to write with a pen and paper as well. I keep a much better journal in my notebook by my bed rather than updating my blog. I write a lot of lists too, they are everywhere. Things to buy, either a need now or a someday want list, goals, daily things, gift ideas, names for the boys. Those lists are all on pages in my planner or on sticky notes throughout my home. Crazy! By the way, flights to BWI from you are on sale now for this fall. Just FYI. Love your guts!

Rebecca said...

I love the smell of paper in the stores at the end of the summer! School supplies get me giddy. :)

But when it comes to writing, I'm a typist to the core. I can move things around, delete, and add stuff whenever I want.

Donna said...

I drool over the same aisle. Must be the water?! I love writing at the computer, mostly because my fingers have arthritis. Lately, though, I have found (re-found) flairs and I have taken to writing my reviews this way out on the front porch swing. I like it. I am a new GFC follower (and TWitter, Facebook, Goodreads!) I would love for you to visit my blog if you have a moment and perhaps follow. I have been enjoying your posts. My children did the same thing to amuse themselves. Too cute. Donna

Melissa Lemon said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who loves the school supply aisle! And the porch swing! Genius!