Friday, July 15, 2011

The Problem with !!!!!!!!!!

So, I sent a tweet one day complimenting somebody on something.  They replied a correction that contained an exclamation point.  Now I'm wondering if they were super excited about that tweet or if they were kind of yelling at me.  That is the problem with exclamation points.  They work well in books because the author can give some background or explanation, but on Twitter, not so much.  Since I like to solve problems, I have decided to invent:

The Zig-Zag, the Plain Jane, and the Whoop-Dee-Do.  Use the Zig-Zag if you're angry.  Give me back my crayon or so help me I'll smash your face in (insert Zig-Zag here).  Use the Plain Jane if you're just every day excited.  Check out my new shoes!  And use the Whoop-Dee-Do if you are so excited you can barely contain yourself.  Have you heard?  Melissa Lemon is giving away an ARC of Cinder and Ella (insert Whoop-Dee-Do here).  Do you think the world will catch on and that word processing will someday include the Zig-Zag, the Plain Jane, and the Whoop-Dee-Do?  I sure hope so; I'd like to know when someone is yelling at me.  I think.

Oh, and that little bit about giving away an ARC of Cinder and Ella was true.  Details to come.

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Nina said...

I love it! :)