Thursday, July 14, 2011

"Things I love" Thursday

Gardens have been things I love for a long time. My grandparents each had two green thumbs, as do my mom and dad. My mother's parents used to have rows and rows of irises, each row a different color. My father's mother had rose bushes, orange poppies, a raspberry bramble and a giant catalpa tree.  My mom always has something growing, either outside or inside.  And my dad spends each spring and summer toiling in a vegetable garden and making sure his lawn is greener than natural for a desert climate.  I only have 3/4 of a green thumb (my left one).  But I try.  Here are some shots of what's currently growing outside my house.

I used to not care much for lilies, but they have grown on me.  Probably because they're easy to take care of.  Consider the lilies.
These daisy bushes are almost up to my shoulders.  And look at that obliging bee.  I didn't even try to get that; it just landed as I snapped the shot.
More lilies.  I think the red and pink are my favorite.
 I love these flowers so much that I actually had the fake version in my wedding bouquet.  They're not quite out yet, but they are fun and a little wild looking.
And the ever popular sunflower.  These aren't hard to care for either, and they are way past my shoulders, just so you know.

What's growing in your garden?


Rob and Crys said...

Roses! I can't decided which I like best. It could be the purple one, but the peach is beautiful. Or maybe the deep red but the pink is brilliant. Or the white in full bloom but then the yellow bud is fantastic. Oh well, guess I will claim them all as my favorite!

Farfegnugen said...

I would say that you have MUCH more than 3/4 of a green thumb!! I love our yard, and many people have complimented you on it!! :) Now, if your husband would just mow and trim the lawn on a more consistent basis, and adjust the sprinklers to water every day!! :)

Melissa Lemon said...

I love roses, too. I wanted to get a bush this year, but I think I had a problem deciding on a color. And dear, we get compliments on the lawn, too. Just sayin'.