Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Character Introductions--Meet Jack

Name:  Jack Sparks
Gender:  Male
Age:  19
Goals:  Take care of his sisters until they graduate from high school
What makes him tick:  Whatever

Full of snarkiness and big brother love, Jack can turn anything into a joke.  He enjoys picking fights with his father and working in a small souvenir shop.  His life won't be going anywhere until his sisters are grown up and out of the house because someone has to take care of them.  One day his estranged brother's girlfriend shows up.  Jack welcomes her into their family and home because he knows it will give his father a conniption.  Plus she's cute and she might know something about where his brother has been for the last few years.  That's Jack.

Jack is a sidekick in the novel I'm getting ready for submission.  Hopefully you'll get the chance to meet him someday soon.  :)


-Jo- said...

Hello, Jack! I think we've met before.

Rebecca said...

Sounds interesting!