Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Great Read-Aloud Books

My kids and I read this book last year and what a treat!  Rinkitink in Oz was nothing short of delightful.  Bilbil the goat is my personal favorite, but I loved all of the characters in this book.  An unfortunate catastrophe, magic rocks, amazing ships, underground enchanted caves, and of course, Oz.  Dorothy even makes an appearance if I remember correctly.

One of the great things about reading Charlotte's Web out loud is doing all of the voices.  What fun to pretend you are a wise spider, whiny pig, know-it-all goose or a glutenous rat.  For the longest time I would get car sick if I tried to read in the passenger seat of the car.  This book cured me of that because it was so much fun to read out loud to my kids while on a road trip.
It's true.  Cinder and Ella is a fantastic read-aloud book.  Just ask my 7-yr. old.  Several of the reviews on Goodreads mentioned that this book is meant to be read aloud.  I quite agree.  I can't wait to do some readings; only a couple of months to go.


SusieBookworm (Susanna) said...

Oz! I love the Oz books (though ironically I've never read the first one), and I've never seen why more people don't read the series!

Rachel Brooks said...

Oh, I love Charlotte's Web! It's such a great story for all ages.

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