Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday Musings--Some Thoughts on Agents

When I first began seeking publication, almost everything I read talked about the importance of having an agent: publishers won't look at you unless you have an agent and agents won't look at you unless you've already been published.  Or something like that.  Over the three years I queried agents, I only sent my book ideas to a handful of publishers.  While landing a publisher was always my end goal, I thought having an agent was a necessary step to reaching that goal.  Only one article I read over those years mentioned the possibility of not having an agent.  More than mentioned, actually.  It basically said that you only need an agent if you're a baby and have to have somebody holding your hand through the publishing process.  (Don't be angry with me people, that's just what I remember.)  While I continued to try to find an agent, I kept that idea in the back of my head just in case; I am not a baby, after all.  I did not have dreams of going with some huge publishing company; I've always preferred boutique shops to chain stores.  And for right now, I am perfectly happy without an agent.  So you writers, publishers, agents out there, what are your thoughts?  Are agents becoming obsolete?  Writers, if you have an agent, what benefits have they provided?  Publishers, do you prefer working through agents or directly with an author?  Agents, what will you do if your profession dissolves?  (I had to ask that because you all rejected me.)

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RaShelle said...

Hi Melissa. I think there will always be a need for agents (a good one). It's up to us as writers to decide individually whether we want to go that route or not. =D