Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Writer Wednesday--A New Kind of Rejection

When you write books, rejection is a part of life.  I don't really know how many rejections I've received to date, but it's been plenty.  Enough to last a lifetime.  Now I'm finding that there is another stage of rejection along the path to publication.  I'm trying to get author endorsements for Cinder and Ella.  The problem?  I don't know any published authors.  Well, not personally.  And so I'm going cold turkey here, sending e-mails to authors who I admire and whose books I cherish.  And I've heard several things like:  I'm too busy, I just don't do that, I don't feel qualified.  Then there is the cold shoulder--if they just ignore me maybe I'll go away.  (They don't know me very well, do they?)  Here are my "conclusions" about author endorsements:  If a super star author endorsed a book they are either old high school buddies or new BFFs with the author whose book they are endorsing.  Feel free to share your story if you have seen something different.  I would like to give a couple of honorable mentions here for authors who responded to my e-mails.  Go check them out people; they are awesome.

Jan Brett
Lois Lowry
Mette Ivie Harrison


Grow Family said...

Those are some pretty impressive authors Melissa. I take it the one you really wanted is still ignoring your emails? Darn the movie and twins.

E.R. King said...

Really? They did that? That's unfortunate. Though I have to say, once a writer crosses over to "author" it's less likely you'll form a connection with them, which is sad. That's one of the greatest things about the online writer's world.

Melissa Lemon said...

Yes, yes. Movies. Twins. No time for me. And E.R. it is sad! I feel such a connection with other writers and I hope I never lose that.