Sunday, November 20, 2011


 This night was nothing short of magical: fun decorations, amazing people, a great book to celebrate and beautiful snow.
 Signing table minus the author.
 Banquet table.  We went for a medieval castle feel and it turned out lovely.  Check out the haunted forest mural in the background.  Gotta love Halloween clearance!  It worked perfectly.
 We started off the night reading the third chapter of Cinder and Ella where Ella decides to leave her family behind.
 The beautiful cake my friend made.  Thanks, Misty!
 I'm so sad I missed all the fun!  I signed books upstairs while everyone partied downstairs.  My husband made these stilts that I'm sure everyone had a blast with.
 It was so fun to see family, friends, neighbors.  Thanks to everyone who made an effort to come out, especially given the heavy snow.
 Just some more of the cool decorations made by my husband.

Cinder and Ella had a fabulous launch!  Special thanks to Susie, my partner in crime, Jo, Sarah and Crystal for keeping things running smoothly, everyone who brought such yummy food to eat.  Thanks for such a magical night!


Marci said...

That looks like an incredible party! I wish I lived in Utah so I could have gone to this! Loved the book, would've loved to celebrate!!

A Backwards Story said...

This looks like so much fun! And everything is so beautiful. Congrats on a wonderful party and enjoy this moment!!! <3

-Jo- said...

No, Melissa, thank YOU for giving us a reason to celebrate!!!

-Jo- said...

No, Melissa, thank YOU for giving us a reason to celebrate!!!

Diana said...

WOW. The sword in the tree with your book is AWESOME!

Sharee said...

It looks amazing! I am so happy for you. Wish we could have been there. Love you.