Thursday, November 10, 2011

Nourish and Strengthen Blog Tour

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My Review:
After reading this book I had to put it down and kind of mull over it for a while.  Over a week later I'm still thinking about it.  To tell the truth, it took a bit of courage to volunteer for this blog tour because Nourish and Strengthen fits into a category of books that I generally don't like.  Somehow this book was different for me.  The story is simple, and yet it's not.  While Nourish and Strengthen may seem like a book written mostly for Latter-Day Saint women who have diabetes, it's more than that.  It subtly speaks truths about relationships, particularly friendships and how those friendships are formed and how they last despite things like big mouths and human frailties.  Having friends, especially in an LDS ward setting, is a lot like the family you are born into.  You didn't really get a choice, but you make it work somehow.  You make mistakes and so do your friends.  They forgive and so do you.  All of our lives are crazy busy and somehow we have to learn to help each other and lean on each other and, on occasion, stay out of each other's way.  This book just gives you a ton to think about.  And if that isn't enough, Hoagland's writing is pristine.  Take it from a picky reader who likes to know what's going on and likes beauty in the writing of the books she reads and isn't fond of silly mistakes.  I give Nourish and Strengthen 4/5 stars.  Check out the author and how to purchase the book below.

What do you find difficult about friendships?

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kbrebes said...

Nice review! Yes, I'm still thinking about the book, too, and I think I will be counting carbs for quite awhile--even though I'm NOT diabetic!