Thursday, December 15, 2011

Coloring by Candlelight

Two weeks ago my kids were home from school, hanging out, making some Christmas crafts.  I let them stay home because the power was out at school and a crazy wind storm made being outside comparable to entering a boxing ring with Mike Tyson.  I don't mind power outages as long as they're short-lived, and this one was perfect.  It lasted about 15 hours.  Electricity is wonderful, but I think we miss out on a few things, like the warm glow of a candle and the stillness that comes when everything is dark.  The world has a natural cycle of dark and light.  When it's dark, we wait in anticipation for the light.  And we store all the light and heat and energy we can to make it through the dark.  Electricity sucked the life right out of that symbolism; heat comes on automatically, and if we aren't ready for the dark, we flip a switch to erase it.  But we enjoyed the lack of power for one evening, coloring by candlelight.

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