Friday, January 13, 2012

The World's Strangest Contest

Do you know somebody named Jasmine who likes churros?  No, this isn't my idea of the worst way to open a conversation, I'm really asking.  I have a book to give away.  It's a copy of Cinder and Ella that is signed to someone named Jasmine.  It also says, "I like churros, too."

Here's the story:
I was at my fist signing at the Ogden, UT Costco.  A family came by and picked up a book for their daughter named Jasmin.  Problem?  I spelled it Jasmine in the book.  Jasmine with an "e" at the end.  So, I did what anybody would do.  I got a new book, spelled it right and purchased the mess up myself.  Yes, now I realize that was silly; I should have just crossed out the "e" or drawn a tree over it or something.  Nonetheless, I have a randomly signed copy of Cinder and Ella and it's time to let go of it.

What to do to enter this contest:
Leave a comment telling me what you would have done in this situation.  And whether you know someone named Jasmine who likes churros or not, the book could be yours.

Share and enjoy!

Oh, and this contest will end at midnight on January 20th.  (That's Friday if you were wondering.)

Monday, January 9, 2012

Six Weeks to Yehidah Blog Tour


I am a lucky participant in the blog tour for the book Six Weeks to Yehidah by Melissa Studdard.

Annalise is going on a journey!  And she's taking her talking sheep with her.  I really don't want to give anything else away as far as plot goes, so I'll be on to my review now.

I have never read a book in my lifetime that was written in my lifetime that I enjoyed so much.  When people ask me what I read, I say "Classics," because to me there isn't a lot else worth reading.  Six Weeks to Yehidah is now on my "Classics" shelf.  Written in beautiful, clear prose, Six Weeks to Yehidah explores the imaginations and ideas of the child mind while delving into the realms of truth and spirituality.  I loved every page of this book.  From the main character and her inner monkey to Annalise's Garden and Acoustic Island, every single page brings pure, enjoyable imagination, with just the right amount of insight and invitation.

Six Weeks to Yehidah is my kind of book.  In fact, I don't think five stars is quite enough, but since that's the most I can give it...

Melissa was kind enough to answer a few questions, so get to know the author a little.

1.       Where did you come up with such a delightful idea for a book?
Thank you for the compliment! It developed on two levels. I was in a wonderful critique and writing group in which we took turns assigning prompts each month. One woman asked us to read The Oxford Book of Modern Fairy Tales and write our own short tale. It turned out that I was so compelled by the voice and characters I’d created that I kept writing and writing until I realized I was no longer working on a short story. I was writing a novel.  The second is that after reading volumes of non-fiction books about spirituality and benefitting from them immensely, I wanted to share wisdom traditions with younger people—to share with them some of the things I wish I had been introduced to at an earlier age. However, I also knew that kids wouldn’t want to sit down and read the same kinds of books I was reading as an adult, so I decided to do it in a fun, entertaining way, through narrative and humor.

2.       What is your writing schedule like?
It’s very cyclical. When I’m working on a book, I get into the routine of writing daily, but, when I’m not, I sometimes take weeks or even months off at a time. I love writing more than almost anything else, but, as we know, life experience enhances writing, so I have to force myself to live too! Haha. When I’m deep into a project, I’m a bit obsessive. Often, my daughter will come in to find me typing away in the dark because I’m so deeply into my writing that I don’t notice the sun going down. When this happens, she just turns on the lamp, shakes her head at me, and commits to cooking dinner that night. She understands because she is a writer too. Likewise, when her writing is flowing well, I do whatever I can to support her and make sure she doesn’t have to stop until she’s ready.

3. Do you have any fun New Year’s Goals you'd like to share?
Out of all the goals I made, I think the most exciting will be keeping a dream journal. So many of my writing ideas come from dreams, and I’ve noticed that when I take time to write them down, my subconscious mind more generously grants me regular and creative dreams. There is something to showing it that I’m listening.

Well, not only do we share the same name, I think we were separated at birth or something.  Thank you, Melissa for writing such a wonderful book and for giving us some of your time.

For links to the author's facebook and twitter accounts or to learn more about the book, check out the website:
Click here to purchase the book on Amazon.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Upcoming Blog Stuff

Hello out there.  I just wanted to announce something that I'm way excited about.  Next Tuesday, the 10th of January, I'll be participating in a blog tour for a super awesome book that I can't wait to tell you about.  I hope you'll join me.  Also, join Jean Book Nerd on February 16th for an interview of me, myself, and I, and maybe a few other of my personalities.  You never know.  Check out her blog for other cool author interviews and stuff.  I hope everyone had a great holiday and is making a graceful entry into the new year.