Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday Musings--Internet Connections

It's funny to think about my first EXPOSURE to the internet.  I was taking a German class in high school and for some reason my teacher felt we needed to learn to SURF online.  I had no idea how that little training would influence my life.  Much of my time every day is spent on the computer and a percentage of that time is on the internet.  I used to hate the idea of meeting people on the computer--SCARY!  Online dating, forget it.  Making friends, no way!  But things have changed so much over the last decade.  My daughter attends a preschool that I found with an online search, and her teacher is FABULOUS.  One of my BEST friends met me by answering an ad for guitar lessons that I had put online.  Yup, once again, I'm eating my words.

When the world changes, you have to change.  It's impossible not to.

How has the internet affected your life?


Grandma R. said...

I just acquired a job I found via the internet. I don't know if I will like it, but I am going to try it for awhile at least. I start Thursday. :)

I thought you would like to know.

aunt katie said...

Every part of my life has had some growth due to the internet. Personally - have done online dating - HATE it! But love keeping in touch with family and friends thru social media tools. Also reaped tons of help for grad school assignments thru internet access. Professionally - my program would sink without it - everything is online - data tracking, reference checks, communication, webinars and teleconferences - you name it, the internet will be a part of it!