Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday Musings--Thoughtfulness

I came across this picture on our camera and asked my husband if he knew what it was all about.  He laughed and told me the story.  Our children were playing a game outside when our oldest daughter decided to make lunch for everyone.  She asked my husband what he wanted and went inside to fix lunch.  So thoughtful.  Well, apparently something distracted her--an idea or something more appetizing than lunch.  But did she forget about her dad and what he had said he would like for lunch?  No.  She pulled everything out of the fridge.  So thoughtful.  She arranged it in a nice looking pile.  So thoughtful.  Then, feeling bad for not following through with her offer, left a sticky note with the letters S-O-R-R-Y written on top.  SO thoughtful.  Really, I think what she did shows character.  Maybe I'm not going to do exactly what I said, but I'm going to help out and apologize where I showed weakness.

One tradition we have in our house is that at dinner time we share thoughtful things we've done for others throughout the day or ways that others have helped us.  Thoughtfulness helps us reach outside ourselves and lift others up.  I think it's important to learn and practice.  It always touches me when I see a passerby stop to help a stranger change a tire, when I leave little surprises and love notes for my husband and children, and when my eighty-something year old feeble neighbor delivers the paper to my door when she's finished with it.  It fills me with hope.  Hope in myself.  Hope in others.  Hope in the world.


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Small Town Shelly Brown said...

Ooo, Melissa I love that idea. I think I might steal it. It is amazing what taking just a little bit of time to realize that we are all in this together-- that I help you and you help me-- makes such a difference in our attitudes and lives.
Love it!