Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday

Here are the Top Ten Things I Love About Spring. Enjoy!

 The Sun.  Where have you been all winter?  I missed you!
 Outdoor activities--would somebody please build one of these closer to my house?
 The lack of cold.  I'll miss you, too, Mr. Snowman.
 Yes, we're already counting down the days.
 The smell of rain.  I could inhale it forever; it makes me so happy!
 Flowers, especially this breed of purple that creep out of the ground as soon as winter gets up and heads for the door, as if it's an unwanted guest and they've just been waiting for it to leave.
Colorful eggs.  Wouldn't it be cool if chickens just produced them this way?
 Blossoms on trees, and the return of leafy green.
 The smell of fresh cut grass.
And outdoor cooking, mostly because my husband gets this job and I get to sit and read while dinner's being made.

Ah, Spring.  WELCOME!



Small Town Shelly Brown said...

I must nod my head
to all that was said.

Hip Hip Hurray for spring!

Z said...

Yup, I agree, those are all great things to love about spring--I would have to add that I hate wearing jeans, so I'm happy to be wearing skirts and sandals again!

Katrina and Brian said...

Planting the garnden, flower and vegetable. Watching things grow, just the whole rebirth of everything!

Melissa Lemon said...

Oh, I totally left out shorts and flip flops and gardening! Sometimes ten just doesn't cut it.