Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Just Because

So for the poetry class I took this summer our final paper involved a bit of a hands on creative project. I decided to put one of the poems I wrote about to song. And yes, it's your lucky day and I'm sharing it with you. Special thanks to my daughter for being my camera girl. I messed up and said "choice" instead of "voice" so pretend I didn't okay. I had fun with this song, poem, poet and class. The poem is called "London" by William Blake. You can read it on The Poetry Foundation's website. Enjoy!


Sheri Lynn said...

Good job! and kudos to the camera girl :)

Anthony Dutson said...

Nicely done! I hope you get an A!

Grandma R. said...

Great song and great singing. You are brave. The camera-girl did a nice job also.