Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Interview with Katiyana from Snow Whyte and the Queen of Mayhem

What was it like growing up on an orchard?

Growing up on the orchard was so peaceful. I loved running around outside, pretending the apple trees were all my playmates. It frustrated me that Barney never let me go to Mischief Market with him, but I was never lonely. Not with the trees and my drawings and stories.

What is your favorite memory of your Uncle Barney?

I remember one afternoon I came upon him as he spoke with his horse. He whispered a story to him, asked him questions, and listened for answers. I watched and heard the whole encounter. He loved his animals.

Tell us a deep dark secret about Jeremy Simkins.

Jeremy Simkins could never pick as many apples as I could. My record in a day is 920. His record is 351. The large difference is due greatly to the fact that Jeremy never stopped talking and he couldn’t talk and work at the same time.

What was it like facing the queen?

It all happened so fast—first the strange woman in the cave, and then that crazy storm. Iden caught me completely off guard, and I couldn't hear him very well anyway with all that wind and snow. Then I looked at the woman. It still gives me chills when I think of those dark eyes coming after me. Then, poof! Everything went black. Black and cold. That’s really all I can remember.

Tell us about becoming the new Queen of Mayhem. What were the first changes you made?

Oh goodness! I would be lying if I didn't tell you how much I fell in love with all my new clothes. I was nervous. Nervous and scared. I wondered if I could actually do such a grand thing given my humble upbringing. But here I am. The first changes we made involved the government. We created new positions so that future kings and queens would always be kept in check. The king and queen of Mischief were very willing to be involved in the process and offer their advice. I just can’t understand why they insisted on smashing chocolate cream pies into the faces of my advisers.

What is your favorite food?

Roast chicken with boiled potatoes flavored with rosemary. I miss Jalb’s stew, but I love the castle menu!

What is your favorite animal?

While I lived in Fluttering Forest with Kurz and the others, I grew fond of the squirrels and chipmunks that ran about, scurrying up the trees and into hidden holes underneath rocks.

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