Monday, January 21, 2013

Meet Karey White

After interviewing Karey I think we must be long lost sisters or something. Read on.

Hello. Thanks for being a guest on my blog today. Can I offer you a virtual cookie? 

I rarely turn down a cookie. As long as it doesn't have raisins. Not really a raisin-in-baked-goods kinda girl.

Don't worry, no raisins in my cookies. Ever. Here, have this chocolate chip cookie of awesomeness. I'll pour you some milk. Pretend for a moment that your books are your children. Please introduce us. We’d like names, ages, quirks, birth stories, any details you would like to share. 

Wow. Fun question. We'll call Gifted Inez and For What It's Worth Olivia. Those names have nothing at all to do with the books, but they're both names I liked but my husband refused to consider when we had our children, so I'll use them here. 

Inez is the perfect child that you never have to worry about. She cleans her room, she does her homework, she doesn't smart off at all. But then you realize that being almost perfect is something that you need to worry about. She was my first-born so I didn't know what to expect when I went into labor and it was much more emotionally draining than I thought it would be. I cried several times during delivery. 

Olivia is very different from Inez. I went into false labor with her a couple of times before she finally arrived, but that's okay because with each false delivery, she became a better-looking child (and we all know looks are the most important thing).Olivia is very organized and efficient, but she can't keep up with everything. She may get an A in math, but her bedroom is a mess. She may be cute and well-dressed, but she picked up that cute blouse off the floor of her closet and it's probably been there awhile. But she's learning and growing and she'll be just fine.

Isn't it funny how they turn out so different? It seems impossible sometimes. And your husband is crazy not to consider such darling names! At least you get to use them for your books. Yea for being an author!

Next question thingy. You get in an elevator and suddenly realize you are standing face to face with a real live literary agent. (It could happen.) You're only 3 floors away from your stop and have to pitch your book fast. Ready. Set. Go! 

Okay, I'm going to pitch my WIP. "You know how we've all fallen in love with Mr. Darcy at some point in our lives? Well, Lizzie fell hard when she was sixteen and saw Pride and Prejudice with her mom. She vowed she'd never settle for anything less than her own Mr. Darcy. Unfortunately, that might cost her any chance she has at finding real love."

Ooooh, that sounds fun. I'm always up for a little slap in the face from reality. I hope things work out for your character.

Please give us a peek into your writing life. How much time each week do you spend writing? Is your desk messy or clean? Do you have a schedule or are you sporadic? What helps you stay motivated? We want to know what makes you tick as a writer. 

I try to write a few hours every day but sometimes life doesn't let that happen. I give myself deadlines--you have until January 30 to have WIP ready to submit. I'm pretty good at holding myself to the deadline. I write on a laptop so I don't have a desk. I usually have a glass of water, a notebook and pen, and some kind of treat within arm's reach. I try to do most of my writing while my kids are at school, but if I get on a good roll or my deadline is looming, I'll squeeze in extra writing time where ever I can. My main motivation is early readers. I send chapters as I write them to a few select people who include my daughters, sisters and parents. Then they nag me for the next chapter. It helps keep me moving. 

Those are fantastic ideas. Way to hold yourself to a deadline.

Please tell us some of your favorites.
Favorite treat: I can't narrow it down, but whether it's See's or baked goods, it has to include chocolate.
Favorite stress reliever: I love a massage, but those are pricey and very rare. I love to watch a basketball game--either one of my kids or the Jazz.
Favorite office supply: I'm a paper product junkie. Seriously. I love notecards, stationery, journals, and planners. I've got a ten-year supply but if I see something I love tomorrow, I'll probably have to get it.
Favorite punctuation mark: It's a tossup between the exclamation point (passion and enthusiasm) and the comma (pause, breath, take a little break). Based on that answer, though, it might be parentheses. 
Favorite day of the week: Thursday because the weekend is close enough to get excited about but not so close that it will be over soon.
Favorite movie: Probably The Sound of Music, though it's hard to narrow it down to one movie.
Favorite color: Depends on my mood. Sorry, boring answer, but I like ALL colors. Even puce and chartreuse.

Describe for us what your surroundings would be if you walked into your favorite piece of art. Feel free to be as literal or figurative as you would like. 

I'd be playing with a group of children in a bombed out town on an old rusted out car. It's a Robert Doisneau photograph taken during WWII. It shows the joy and resiliency of childhood. I think it's beautiful and hopeful.

And finally, what is your most secretive New Year's Resolution? 

I have other goals far more important, but one thing I'd like to accomplish this year is that I'd like to learn to knit a pair of socks.

That's not a very juicy secret, Karey. Knitting socks sounds complicated. It makes my head spin a little. Good luck with that and thanks for joining me today! You can find more about Karey and her books at her new and improved, hearty, fantastically real blog.


Karey said...

Thanks for the fun interview, Melissa. I loved your questions. They made me think.

Love your blog!

Teri Harman said...

Best questions ever! Such a fun interview.

Melissa Lemon said...

Thanks guys. It was fun getting to know you better Karey! We'll have to go out for massages and chocolate sometime.

Karey said...

I hope you're serious, Melissa. I'm up for chocolate any day and a massage would be a nice treat!

Melissa Lemon said...

I am totally serious! I'm always up for chocolate, too. And I have a membership to Massage envy. I go at least once a month.