Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Writing Goals 2013

This post is more for me so that I have my goals typed up for reference and accountability, but here they are.

1. Get Sunny's Sky self published by February 14, 2013

  • Finish edit
  • Learn how to format
  • Learn how to self publish
2. Send a few (10 or so) queries for my Bianca series by the end of February 2013
  • Research agents
  • Work on query letter
  • Do it!
3. Finish first draft of Sleeping Beauty and the Beast by the end of April 2013
  • Set consistent writing schedule
  • Do it!
4. Begin another Bianca book; work on those during the summer along with editing and querying Sleeping Beauty and the Beast

5. Work on The Reformer and The Tracks during the fall and winter seasons of 2013


Jesse B. Booth said...

Melissa, is Sleeping Beauty and the Beast another book Cedar Fort is publishing? I know you were interested in self-publishing, so I was just curious.

Melissa Lemon said...

Hey Jesse,

I'm self publishing a book this year, but when I finish Sleeping Beauty and the Beast, I hope to find an agent to represent me. I don't have any current plans for publication.

-Jo- said...

Dang! Your goal list looks even more impressive than mine does.
I'll race you to December. ;)