Monday, February 25, 2013

Book Club Movie Review

I'm not really one to read a book again and again (unless you count the scriptures), and I read the Help a few years ago. So when it came up as the book of the month for book club, a friend of mine suggested we just watch the movie. I said, "That's pure genius."

I don't generally do movie reviews. I'm a picky book reader and I'm an even pickier movie watcher. Which means I'm very selective about the movies I watch. I can't stand movies with zero plot. I hate bad acting. And I don't tolerate inappropriate...what shall I call it?...crap.

This movie was delightful. It followed the book well. The acting is stunning. If fact, I can't think of another movie in existence that is better cast. Usually in a movie, there are two or three actors that were made for the part. In this movie, every actor fits like a tailored glove, even down to the minor characters like Constantine, Rachel, and the editor (played by Leslie Jordan, who perhaps had one role in his life he was more fit for--Murray from Ski Patrol).

Anyway, I really enjoyed the movie, probably a little more than the book. I recommend it for people who loved the book by Kathryn Stockett and anyone who likes a drama with some good, hearty laughs. It is rated PG-13 for some thematic elements, underwear, and the editor's mouth. (I think I much preferred him in Ski Patrol where all he said was, "What in the Sam Hill?")

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