Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hey, What Are You Doing Here?

Yeah, I'm supposed to be blogging about writing again. But life grabbed me by the heels, yanked hard (yes, I fell flat on my face) and said, "What you thinkin'? You think you can blog regularly and still pay attention to me? Well, you wrong." I'm not kidding. That's what it said. So, to appease your love of all things bloggy, please check out the blog tour stop today. My good friend R. K. Grow asked the characters from Blue Sky some fun questions and gave a fantastic review. And, if you're an aspiring author, an established author, or even a smelly fish gutter, you should probably check it out. Cool place! She interviews behind the scenes people at publishing companies. Brilliant. Anyway, check it out and have a fabulous day!!

Wishing I were here!

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