Friday, February 1, 2013

How Are Your New Years Resolutions Going?

Sounds like a polite and nosy conversation starter, right? Well, this is what has been on my mind today because it's February 1st. I love the cycle of our earth. It goes around and around, always landing again on that 1st day of the month. I've taken some time today to evaluate my New Years goals and plan to do the same at the beginning of every month. My writing goals are coming along fantastically, but I've suffered for it a little personally. I need to balance more, meditate more, spend more time NOT working and more time enjoying my beautiful family. My weight loss goal did horribly last month, and so I decided to set a goal to count calories for the entire month of February. Any amount of torture is doable for one month, right?

If your New Years resolutions are already shot, I encourage you to simply re-evaluate. There is no need to give up, no need to get discouraged, no need to binge. You're a human being. And I am giving you permission to be a human being. Learn from your mistakes. Take the time to experiment with what really works for you. Don't forget to celebrate the successes.

Try again.

Here's to New Month Resolutions!

Thanks SouLar Bliss for the graphic.


Konstanz Silverbow said...

This is fabulous! And also something that has been on my mind. My goals for January were A: Submit my first novel to a publisher and B: Get organized.

I finished my novel, editing and all but haven't written the query letter. So thought a bit late, I am sending it Monday morning.

As for getting organized, I will finish on Sunday. So yeah know, I got close. :/ But I won't give up!

Anonymous said...

I tried to do something different this year and only make a 3 goals. So far I am doing a great job in my Taking Time Out For Me goal. I've been to a writing conference, my blog is doing well, I am meeting people in my local writing community, and I am focusing on the last chapters of my book. And that was just January.

I am failing in the Health category as I find it hard to exercise when I get home from work. I am just tired!! I did cut back on the sugar so that is good.

My goal to grow closer to God is going very well. I feel His hands in my life daily.

Good luck to everyone in February.