Monday, February 4, 2013

Meet Helen Boswell, Author of Mythology

Hello. Thanks for being a guest on my blog today. Can I offer you a virtual cookie?

Thanks so much for hosting me, Melissa. I would LOVE a cookie. :D

Pretend for a moment that your books are your children. Please introduce us. We’d like names, ages, quirks, birth story, any details you would like to share.

I have an only child named MYTHOLOGY, who was born in August, 2012 (I suppose she's still a baby or maybe a toddler by now). MYTHOLOGY had a fairly long gestation time because she started off as an adult novel, but I rewrote her in almost its entirety to be YA about a year and a half ago. Her story is about two high school kids and their struggles to defy "The Fates" and to assert the choices they make in their lives. Ironically, a little bit of "Fate" is ultimately what brought them together. It's a coming-of-age story of two rather unique people with love and thrills along the way. Quirks? My child MYTHOLOGY has a penchant for the arts and music, and interestingly, the cover art was painted by an artist-musician named Brian Hoover.

Sounds intriguing, and I noticed on goodreads that it's getting fantastic reviews. Please give us a peek into your writing life. How much time each week do you spend writing? Is your desk messy or clean? Do you have a schedule or are you sporadic? What helps you stay motivated? We want to know what makes you tick as a writer.

I write opportunistically and a little bit chaotically. And what is a writing desk? ;) Much of my YA rewrite was done with a baby or toddler in my lap. I try to write a little every day, but sometimes I hit a block and take a break to read for a while (reading amazing books always jump starts me back into writing). When I get to that point when I feel that the characters are yelling at me to keep going, I know I'm in a good place.

I love that word "opportunistically." And you wrote with a toddler in your lap? You amaze me. I know from experience that is not an easy task.

Please tell us some of your favorites.
Favorite treat: Anything with chocolate. Or ice cream. Ideally, chocolate ice cream with chocolate Magic Shell.
Favorite stress reliever: Listening to music. That's one of my favorites, too!
Favorite office supply: Sticky notes. They are everywhere. Sounds ominous. 
Favorite punctuation mark: The em dash. Probably to a fault.
Favorite day of the week: Thursday. Because I know Friday is coming up.
Favorite movie: I love movies that provide a sense of escape. Superheroes are good. I love all of the Batman movies.  And I enjoyed Chris Hemsworth... I mean, Thor. (Can you tell that I live in a houseful of boys?)

Describe for us what your surroundings would be if you walked into your favorite piece of art. Feel free to be as literal or figurative as you would like.

I'm walking into a field of fire, and grey eyes peer at me from under a shroud of green. There's a tree in the distance, and the tips of the branches are ablaze with hopes and dreams. (This is an original painting given to me by an artist friend named Lindsay Miller).

That sounds amazing. I wish we could see it! Thank you so much for joining me on my blog today. I hope Mythology isn't an only child for long. If you would like to check out Helen's book or follow her, here are the links.



Andrew Leon said...

Thursdays, then, are like being next in line. It can be even better than being at the head of the line.

Helen said...

Thanks for hosting this interview, Melissa! And for the lemonade and cookie :-)