Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Book Club Book Review-The Kitchen Boy by Robert Alexander

So I went into this book with virtually no knowledge about Tsar Nicholas and the Russian royal family. And I feel like I left this book with little more than speculative tidbits. Frustrating? A little. But I did enjoy the suspense. And I'm not gonna lie, writing this book was genius, especially considering it came out just a few short years before the last two bodies were found. Coincidence? Probably, but I had to ask. I'm not really sure why, but I'm giving this book three stars. Maybe because it just left me feeling...yucky, and empty. I have found it interesting since to read a little more about the Romanovs. Here are a couple of wikpedia choices. House of Romanov Execution

I recommend this book to Russian history buffs and Anastasia fanatics. (Be warned that it has some disturbing content.) What is your latest book club read? Please share it with me!

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