Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas 2013

I'm blogging because if I have to watch one more movie I might scream. Christmas break has been fabulous so far. I love it when my kids are home, especially when there is nothing on the schedule and stress is super low. I get to just enjoy them in their youthful splendor, and relish in the moments they want me to read to them or sing them to sleep with a Christmas carol, or do a puzzle or play a game. Unfortunately, all three of my girls are now sick so I've given the green light for them to just watch as much TV as they want. I've found it keeps their mind off of their illness without making them fatigued or causing them to overexert themselves, therefore ensuring a speedy recovery. Yes, I believe in some cases, TV saves lives. The problem? I can only cuddle for so long in front of the tube. It's chipmunk time on the screen and I needed a break, so here I am.

For Christmas this year, I thought I'd post about the good gifts of Christmas. More than ever, I've been thinking about what to give my children instead of a lot of . . . stuff. Although, they all got something from Santa and plenty between their parents and grandparents. Here were my attempts this year:

1. The gift of service.

This little angel kept us serving each other over the last week. A little note on the back instructed us to serve someone and then leave the angel behind to keep it going. I find it difficult sometimes to teach my children to serve each other rather than fight with each other, but we're trying.

2. The gift of myself.

Inside their stocking, each of our girls got a few coupons to use for activities or dates with mom & dad. I think the best gift I can give my children is my time.

3. The gift of family.

They got to play with their cousins. Lots. Which means we had lots of "SHOCKING!" times. (This is something I've taught my toddler nephews to say whenever they do something naughty, silly, or just plain appalling. Ridiculous, I know, but it is hilarious when they say it.) The kids were troopers considering they were all sick at some point over the holidays.

4. The gift of love.

We read, we snuggled, we watched way too many movies in our sickly state, we made cookies, we played games, we sang songs (or some of us mouthed the words . . . Emery), we laughed, we fought in only the way that sisters can, and then of course made up because that's what I force everyone to do.

Happy Holidays Everyone!