Monday, January 13, 2014

Anger in the Morning

I was really struggling with some anger this morning. There are a lot of different ways I deal with this emotion. Again, poetry is just something that works for me. When other methods failed today, poetry calmed me down.


The box is heavy
He is waiting

Ugly, the contents ooze and spill out
Dark, twisted, bloody

This used to be inside of me
He is waiting

For me,
He waits in a field of yellow

Hands shaking
I hold the box out to Him

He takes it
Unflinching, without hesitation

The weight is gone
We smile
He turns to leave

I watch
Because I know what's coming

He lifts the box
Out bursts a swarm of butterflies

Every color
A fluttering, joyful rainbow

He looks back at me

In Unison we call
"See you next time."

Looking down I see
Pollen-dusted pants