Monday, January 13, 2014

Movie Review, Ephraim's Rescue

This is one of the many movies we watched over the holidays. It was pretty good. Not as good as 17 Miracles. (I love that movie.) But Ephraim Hanks is every bit as awesome as Levi Savage. I found myself connecting with him even more than I did with Levi. This story is character driven, and even though it involves other pioneers and the rescue of the Willie and Martin handcart companies, it really centers around Ephraim Hanks. What did I like about how he was portrayed? He was human. And he knew it. I loved that about Ephraim. Oh, and did I mention? I'm glad I wasn't a pioneer. And I'm grateful that whenever my children complain about the cold I can say, "At least you're not walking across the country in knee-deep snow bare foot just to have your feet chopped off." Yes, I actually say that to my children. I think of the pioneers whenever I'm outside and feeling a little too cold. I am grateful for their sacrifices. Always.