Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Playing Again

It's hard to believe I almost sold this beauty. Not that it's the best cello in the world, but it IS gorgeous, has a decent sound, and came with a coveted real wooden bow. When I decided to sell it, my daughter stepped in and saved the day, offering to take orchestra in school and begin to learn it. I told her that if she wanted to learn it I would keep it. And she is doing so well. I love watching her play it.

Lately I've been playing it also, preparing for a couple of upcoming selections I'll be performing. And I'm grateful. I'm grateful my mom encouraged us to be musicians. I'm grateful that my elementary school had an orchestra program that came with a wonderful teacher (who happened to be a cellist). I'm grateful that even though I wasn't very good, I kept playing because two of my best friends played the cello too. I'm grateful for the musical foundation it gave me, opening the door to learn other instruments. I'm grateful my daughter allowed me to hold onto this "talent." (Yeah, I don't think I'm really that talented, but you get the point.) I'm grateful that I can keep working on it so that it can be a real talent someday. Hopefully.

Maybe someday I'll record something and put it on the blog. That could be fun. Or embarrassing. :)

Hoping you find something musical to lift you up today,