Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Pointlessness of Finger Pointing

I've been feeling a little . . . frustrated. Just a bit. Like such a small amount that it really wasn't bothering me that much. But as I thought about what I was frustrated about, and who I was frustrated with, I realized I was doing the exact. same. thing. I needed that little reminder, that when something out of my control is bothering me, it's time to take a look inside and see what I need to fix myself.

This is a concept I've been practicing for the last couple of years. It's something I'm trying desperately to teach my children (hence the no tattle-telling policy in my house). If you've got a problem with someone, take it up with them, not me. Better yet, look inside yourself and see what YOU can fix, rather than focusing on someone else and what you think they're not doing perfectly.

Finger pointing really is the world's biggest waste of time. Imagine if everyone just focused on how they could make the world a better place. Hmmm.