Tuesday, February 4, 2014

What DO Moms Do All Day?

One day last week, I . . .

Made sandwiches for my kids
Helped my youngest do the dishes
Read a book to someone
Took the kids to school
Went back home
Rearranged the furniture in my kids' room
Made some toast to take on the road
Went to my sister's house
Read lots of books to her kids
Made lunch
Cut up burritos
Helped my nephew say a prayer
Helped the other one say a prayer because he thought he needed a turn
Supervised eating (trying to keep the floor clean)
Sang more songs
Encouraged my niece to eat so she could get ready for school
Brushed her hair
Washed toddler #1
Washed toddler #2
Got spanked by toddler #1
Walked my niece to the bus
Sang Mary Had a Little Lamb about 12 times
Played "This Little Pig" about 7 times (x 2 because with twins, everything is x 2)
Changed diaper of toddler #2
Sang jingle bells about 8 times
Went home
Cleaned the mess I'd made earlier when I'd rearranged the furniture
Checked e-mail
Welcomed child #1 home
Talked with her
Went to pick up child #2 & child #3
Ate a snack
Supervised the washing of hands because everyone knows if you didn't see them use soap, it didn't happen
Got them all excited about a "surprise"
Showed them their room
Smiled again
Supervised homework
Read through a stack of papers from school
Signed their folders
Signed their homework
Reminded my daughter she had to practice the cello if she wanted time on the computer
Listened to child #1 and child #2 practice their instruments together
Looked up a healthy recipe for pancakes
Made pancakes
Cooked pancakes
Welcomed husband home
Heated up syrup
Asked husband to set the table
Ate dinner
Talked with family about who they missed most from Utah
Went to my sister's house
Watched child #2 entertain two toddlers by teaching them how to play hide and seek
Talked with another sister
Watched Curious George with toddlers
Read car book to toddlers
Helped toddlers say prayers
Put toddlers in cribs, making sure both blankets were on top (I've made blanket mistakes before and the outcome isn't pretty)
Sang a song
Played a game with child #2
Put my niece to bed
Sang her a song
Listened as child #3 sang her a song
Watched Wild Kratz with child #2 and child #3 (and part of magic school bus)
Went home
Encouraged child #3 to get ready for bed
Said prayers
Tucked child #2 and child #3 in
Sang a song
Read a book while waiting for child #1 to get ready for bed
Talked with husband
Said goodnight to child #1
Checked on child #2 and child #3

That's pretty much how it goes.