Sunday, March 2, 2014

My Testimony of the Restored Gospel

First of all, I'd like to say that a testimony is different than a belief. It is a witness born from experience. This is a testimony, born from my experiences in life. I have tried and tested. In return, my faith has been tried and tested. I have persevered. These are things I know to be true.

I know that God lives. He is real. He hears and answers prayers. He loves His children. Everything--every commandment, every bit of scripture, every bit of beauty on this earth--He has given to them for their benefit because He loves them perfectly. He wants us to choose Him, to return to Him. Knowing we would fall short of this, He gave His Son as a perfect and infinite sacrifice to make this possible.

My testimony of the atonement comes from experience also. Applying this gift, whether because of sin, heartache or weakness, releases me from guilt, remorse, pain, and lifts me to do things I otherwise could not do on my own. Faith in Christ has brought real miracles into my life. I know Christ is powerful to save; gentle to heal; capable of anything as long as it is His Father's will. He is my truest and greatest friend. He runs to me in time of need. He wipes my tears and understands me deeper than I even understand myself.

I know the Book of Mormon is a work of scripture, is the word of God, a record kept by prophets by way of commandment. I know it does what it says it can do. I have read it time and time again. I couldn't possibly begin to describe how it has helped me throughout my life, as a young woman, as a mother, as a human being, as a wife, as a daughter of God, as a servant of the Lord. It was kept and preserved and brought forth as a gift to the inhabitants of the earth in this time of the world's history. It is for us. It is for me. I love this book of scripture.

I know these things are true because I have "experiment[ed] upon [the] word." (Alma 32:27) I have received answers to prayers through the quiet promptings of the Holy Ghost. I know anyone can receive their own witness if they will only try. It will take humility, faith, and real, honest desire, but it is possible. God's bounty is for all who will partake.

Thank you for reading.

Additional scriptures that came to mind as I wrote this:

Moses 1:39
John 3:16
1 Nephi 8
1 Nephi 11
2 Nephi 2:27