Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A Double Review

Two great reviews today on LDS Women's Book Review. Check it out if you haven't heard how great Sleeping Beauty and the Beast is yet. I'm moving this weekend. Wish me luck!

A Poem About Annapolis

I love this quaint, historical little city on the water. I could totally live there. It's one of my favorite places to visit in Maryland. I hope you get to visit someday.


Roads of red and brown bricks that zig and zag;
Sailing masts pointing heavenward,
Where sunny skies host puffy, sight-seeing clouds;
People--mildly standoffish--buy chocolates from Kilwins
And purchase pointless souvenirs.
I know if I dared to break the Chesapeake air and converse with them,
I would find they are friendly after all.
Shops for lease whose counters I dream to stand behind
And serve cookies and brownies with a smile;
Touring mansions and gardens fit for not quite kings, our founding fathers;
Countless early morning painters already posed over their half-done scenes
(The impression of you is not enough; you must be painted)
Colorful, odd-shaped houses and extravagant churches
Boast a rich history;
A stroller or two here and there, but not many
Children grace your streets;
And the water, reaching out to the horizon and beyond
Invites me to jump off the bridge.
But I do not want injury or arrest,
And so I resist the temptation.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Girl's Camp

It's girl's camp time and this lucky girl gets to go twice this summer. I have such fond memories of girl's camp. Oh, the giggles! Here is a poem I wrote about all those fun summer days spent with friends in the Utah  and Colorado mountains.

Girl's Camp

Tiny braids on a parade of giggling girls
Taking shade under an aspen tree or a canopy of their own tarped making.

Trenches to prevent an insurgence of rainy water,
Heaven sent though it may be;
Cold feet make sleeping an impossibility.

Burning light of fire nights pale to the Spirit's glow.
Shoes tied tight, the scent of bug spray fills the air as dull pocket knives whittle sticks.

Morning sighs and sleepless eyes,
But never a shortage of the tastiest food.
Voices high in cradled harmony stretching to the brightest of breathless starry skies.

A hike
A walk
A purple wildflower
A jutting mountain
A joyful, warbling bird
Harmless Darkness

A game
A prank
A hearty laugh
A fearless leader
A calm, cherished bond
Growing Closeness

Trickling streams and eagle screams and learning of survival.
Nature seems a close-knit vital lake reflection of God's own far-off home.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

A Poem About Anxiety

Have you ever been watching Pride & Prejudice and thought "Oh my gosh! I'm Mrs. Bennett?" Well, if you haven't, congratulations. I have much more compassion for her now that I am a mother and have tasted what it is to feel wholly responsible for not only myself, but several other people that I brought into the world. I may not be as vocal or as ridiculous, but I can definitely relate. One night recently my family drove to DC to see the Washington Monument, which we ended up missing because we left late and traffic was a bear. On the way home, I got so anxious because my kids were being loud and obnoxious and it was stressing both my husband (who was driving) and me. I ended up finally yelling at them and then plugging my ears and closing my eyes for the remainder of the ride home. It reminded me of that Frasier episode. You know, the one where Maris (Niles' invisible wife) spends time in her "sensory deprivation tank." Yep, sometimes I need one of those. When I got home I wrote about that anxiety that just grips me at times and won't let go.

Driving With Children

Anxiety is a cage.
With bars made from snakes and eels,
A roof made from a block of reinforced, pressurized steel that teeters, lifting and pressing down in tantalizing ways,
And a floor composed of a giant ocean wave.
Constant commotions prattle my ears.
Contentions scratch at my nerves and bleeding sinews.
Murderous screams pierce the air until even breathing and eating become too noisy.
There is no one to help.
No one to Save.
It is only me.
And the snakes.
And the eels.
And the pressurized steel.
And the ocean wave.
And the screams.
Tears release from my eyes, like someone unstopping a dam.
Drowning always seemed a miserable way to die.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Love Fairy Tales?

A friend of mind just revealed the cover for her book. The title is Becoming Beauty and it is a Beauty and the Beast retelling. If you're a book blogger and love fairy tales, I highly recommend this one. The blog tour is scheduled for November. I love Sarah's writing style. She has a real way with words. You can check it out on her blog where there are instructions for how to sign up for the tour.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

My Next Project

I am one lucky girl because I get to spend the next few months in a place many people fantasize about going to: Neverland. It's all part of my next project, which is a novel about J.M. Barrie's beloved character Peter Pan. I sat down last week and worked out my chapter outline. Then I worked on some character sketches and with the help of my kids came up with some fun lost boys (and one awesome lost girl) and some nasty pirates. I am ready to write! I am so excited to see how it turns out. I am also really excited about the character named Jane. She's a spunky girl who knows what she wants and lets nothing get in her way. She's stubborn and can be unforgiving, but is also kind and adventurous and loves to laugh and have fun. I think she looks something like Carey Mulligan with short hair. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Sleeping Beauty and the Beast is being featured on the blog "Book Snatch" today. It's a fun post because you get to read an excerpt straight from Chapter 3 of the book. It shows what a pill Eglantine can be. :) Speaking of Eglantine, would you like to meet her? Here she is in her Bitstrips form. I tried to think of an actress to compare her to, but I'm just not up to date on my actresses. Sorry. Who do you think she looks like?

New York

Someday I'll actually go to New York City, but Niagra Falls was a lot of fun to see. I also really enjoyed Palmyra, especially the Sacred Grove and other historical sites of my church. The trip was a little too short, but it was my first time in New York at all so it at least it counts for that. :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A Review and a Poem

Here is another review of Sleeping Beauty and the Beast on the blog "I Feel So Unnecessary." I hope that if you are liking some of these reviews you will read the book and write one of your own. :) Reviews are great for authors because it helps new people see the book who might really enjoy it. I am so grateful for all the awesome bloggers who are reading my book and giving it a great review.

I went on a poem writing rampage last night and thought I'd share one. Here it is.

700 West
Dancing shadows of light
Tumble through the darkness
Over the street lamp absent
Hills and Valleys
Of the Way between
Your home and mine.

Still framed color pictures
Capture our 17 year old selves
Under the burning daylight sun.

We are young forever
Because of those pictures.

We are never lost from each other
Because of the roads that travel
From Here to There.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

It's A Lovely Read

I have a big, exciting weekend and if I remember to get batteries for my camera I'll share some pictures next week. For today, Sleeping Beauty and the Beast is being reviewed on the blog Lovely Reads. Check it out. There is also a fun interview where you can learn some facts about the book and my writing life. I hope you have a FANTASTIC weekend!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

July Kindle Fire Giveaway

I hope you'll take the time to enter this giveaway  because it's awesome! You could win big. There are lots of ways to enter. One way is to add Sleeping Beauty and the Beast on goodreads. Another way is to like my amazon author page. Check out all the other authors and sponsors. You can get lots of entries. Good luck!!

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First Stop on the Review Train

I'll be spotlighting some reviews this month. It's an unofficial blog tour and I'd like to share it with you. If you have the chance, please head on over, check out the review and give the blog author a friendly like if possible. Courtney had some nice things to say about the book and gave me some things to think about for next time.


Giddy Over YA