Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A Poem About Annapolis

I love this quaint, historical little city on the water. I could totally live there. It's one of my favorite places to visit in Maryland. I hope you get to visit someday.


Roads of red and brown bricks that zig and zag;
Sailing masts pointing heavenward,
Where sunny skies host puffy, sight-seeing clouds;
People--mildly standoffish--buy chocolates from Kilwins
And purchase pointless souvenirs.
I know if I dared to break the Chesapeake air and converse with them,
I would find they are friendly after all.
Shops for lease whose counters I dream to stand behind
And serve cookies and brownies with a smile;
Touring mansions and gardens fit for not quite kings, our founding fathers;
Countless early morning painters already posed over their half-done scenes
(The impression of you is not enough; you must be painted)
Colorful, odd-shaped houses and extravagant churches
Boast a rich history;
A stroller or two here and there, but not many
Children grace your streets;
And the water, reaching out to the horizon and beyond
Invites me to jump off the bridge.
But I do not want injury or arrest,
And so I resist the temptation.