Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A Review and a Poem

Here is another review of Sleeping Beauty and the Beast on the blog "I Feel So Unnecessary." I hope that if you are liking some of these reviews you will read the book and write one of your own. :) Reviews are great for authors because it helps new people see the book who might really enjoy it. I am so grateful for all the awesome bloggers who are reading my book and giving it a great review.

I went on a poem writing rampage last night and thought I'd share one. Here it is.

700 West
Dancing shadows of light
Tumble through the darkness
Over the street lamp absent
Hills and Valleys
Of the Way between
Your home and mine.

Still framed color pictures
Capture our 17 year old selves
Under the burning daylight sun.

We are young forever
Because of those pictures.

We are never lost from each other
Because of the roads that travel
From Here to There.


Lisa DuVal said...

Very nice poem. I like it.

Camie Madsen said...

Lovely poem. You are talented, Melissa.