Monday, July 21, 2014

Girl's Camp

It's girl's camp time and this lucky girl gets to go twice this summer. I have such fond memories of girl's camp. Oh, the giggles! Here is a poem I wrote about all those fun summer days spent with friends in the Utah  and Colorado mountains.

Girl's Camp

Tiny braids on a parade of giggling girls
Taking shade under an aspen tree or a canopy of their own tarped making.

Trenches to prevent an insurgence of rainy water,
Heaven sent though it may be;
Cold feet make sleeping an impossibility.

Burning light of fire nights pale to the Spirit's glow.
Shoes tied tight, the scent of bug spray fills the air as dull pocket knives whittle sticks.

Morning sighs and sleepless eyes,
But never a shortage of the tastiest food.
Voices high in cradled harmony stretching to the brightest of breathless starry skies.

A hike
A walk
A purple wildflower
A jutting mountain
A joyful, warbling bird
Harmless Darkness

A game
A prank
A hearty laugh
A fearless leader
A calm, cherished bond
Growing Closeness

Trickling streams and eagle screams and learning of survival.
Nature seems a close-knit vital lake reflection of God's own far-off home.

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Camie Madsen said...

Your poems are awesome, Melissa.