Friday, January 29, 2016

Noggin Problems

This post will not be accompanied by a picture, and if you were to watch youtube videos about pilar cyst removals, you would thank me for that.

I had a pilar cyst removed from my noggin today. Two, come to think of it, because the doc found another one in there whilst trying to remove the first.

Over 13 years ago, I hit my head and received a pilar cyst from said blow. About a month ago I hit my head again (yes, I'm that clumsy) and began to have residual numbing from said cyst. So out it came.

What was it like? Better than hernia repair surgery. It consisted of an incision on my scalp--the size of which I don't know because I can't actually see up there--and lots of squeezing and pressure because it didn't think it wanted to come out, followed by three quick sutures. The doctor ended up having to drain most of it before the cyst wall could be removed, during which she found the second, baby cyst. This is my fourth surgery totally awake because apparently I believe in local anesthetics, or at least surgeries that only require local anesthetics. Honestly, I think the panic was worse than anything else because whenever I'm sitting for a "procedure," be it dental or surgical, I don't feel very happy inside. Pain, no problem. Sitting in a dentist's chair or in a procedure room where somebody is holding a scalpel or drill in their hand and moving it toward my person, forget it!

Hoping you are healthy!!

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Camie Madsen said...

That doesn't sound fun! Hope your noggin is back to normal soon.