Saturday, February 13, 2016


For Valentine's Day I'm giving away a paperback copy of Snow Whyte and the Queen of Mayhem. This is the edition I blogged about here and the cover is below. All you have to do to enter is something nice for someone and comment about it at the bottom of this post. I'll have a random number generated and mail you the book if you win. Just for fun. Happy Valentine's Day!! Please share this contest with your friends. Hey, that could be the nice thing you do. :) Contest ends at midnight on Monday, February 15th.


Rob and Crys said...

Does it count as doing something nice that I taught the boys to make pizza and then strong arm them into putting the toppings on? I do this by telling them if they don't put the toppings on I will make all of them chicken and ranch. As they dislike that pizza type, they make the pizza. ;-)

Melissa said...

That was easy! You win!! :)

Rob and Crys said...

Yea! Though I did try to spread the word on FB. But I don't get on there very often so it might have been a bit late for people to see it. One friend said she tried to post but it did not take.