Friday, May 6, 2016

Book Review--Family Tree Series by Ann M. Martin

I love it when a book will capture the heart of not only myself, but my children. I read this series with my youngest daughter, but my eleven year old loved them as well. Such a tender story about five generations of women in a family that knew heartache intimately. These books can bring tears at times, but mostly it was like reviewing the journals of ancestors and connecting with family long lost. I've been working on some family history discoveries of my own and I would love to find what Georgia finds in the last book. I won't give it away, but what a treasure to know how valuable family is and to be connected to the most important people in our lives. I recommend this book for mothers and daughters and anyone who loves a great, heart-felt story. Because of some of the hard things that happen, I would recommend them for ages eight and up.

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Camie Madsen said...

Looking forward to checking this series out! Thank you for your review. :)