Wednesday, December 7, 2016


For the #LIGHTtheWORLD campaign, I've been focusing on listening to the Spirit. We made a calendar with ideas of simple things we could do each day, but I really wanted to be in tune and know whom I could specifically help.

I've been thinking of a dear friend for the past several days, and decided to take her lunch today. I kept having the impression today that feeding the hungry doesn't always mean feeding people that are too poor to buy food. It doesn't even have to do with food at all sometimes. Many people are spiritually or emotionally hungry, or in need of attention, care, conversation, help, or even a simple smile. The depth of human needs goes well beyond physical hunger. While talking with my friend, it became evident several times that the Spirit had been working to connect us on both my end and hers.

Today's visit was a miracle, the scope of which only my friend and I will ever know, but it reminded me how precious a gift it is to live close to the Spirit.

My days are filled right now with teaching/supervising/helping the kids and doing homework for my own classes. We also had the opportunity to train a new missionary couple last night. Ryan and I have been service missionaries for the Church's Addiction Recovery Program for over 18 months now. This meeting was especially nice because the Fleetwoods came to us. I was so grateful that they were coming all the way to our house--they live near York, PA--that I made them dinner. Sister Fleetwood brought a cherry cranberry pie which was delicious. One thing that never ceases to amaze me is how much love I have for the people we serve, even though we rarely see them and spend so little time together. They are going to be amazing missionaries.

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