Monday, December 5, 2016

Ignoring God

Sometimes I ignore God. Mostly it happens when I'm second guessing whether I'm actually hearing Him or not. That still, small voice is . . . well, still and small, and that fact combined with my neuroticism can be a little tricky. Other times I'm afraid to do what He says. Sometimes I make excuses, and the lamest reason is laziness.

Because God knows us each individually and perfectly, He can speak to us in the ways that work best for our individual preferences, gifts, and learning styles. One thing that is unique to the way He speaks to me, is that after I've received the same prompting around three times, the Spirit will impress my mind with something like this: "This is the last time I'm going to tell you this." I guess I forgot to put procrastination on my list of reasons why I ignore God. I have learned through these experiences, that when I receive that message, I need to act or the opportunity will pass. Usually I listen in these moments. When I think back over these times, it seems that this mostly happens when the Spirit is reminding me of something. Which makes sense. He's not my day planner, after all.

Still, there are other times when the Spirit uses patience and gentle persuasion over an extended period of time in getting me to do something. For over a year now, I have received countless impressions to keep a record of my life. I've pretty much ignored this one. This time, there is no mistaking the clear impressions I've received. They just keep coming in miraculous and consistent ways. I suppose it's mostly a mixture of fear and making excuses this time. I write in a journal sometimes, but honestly the only people to see that will be my posterity. I feel as though God wants me to write to a broader audience, and I don't know why, but I'm ready to stop ignoring Him on this one.

What does that mean for my blog? It won't be mostly about reading and writing anymore. It will be eclectic because I'm a bit all over the place. I'll be blogging about my faith, my family, my educational pursuits, my leisure, my philosophical genius (indulge me on this one), my poetry, my books that I get to write in the wee small hours of whenever, homeschooling, my love of finding dead people, and just about anything I'm up to.

These are pictures of a book that is a compilation of the journal entries of one of my ancestors. He inspires me, and I hope to have written as much as he did when all is said and done. This life deserves to be remembered. Do you keep a journal?

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