Monday, January 16, 2017

#52Stories Physical Achievements

What has been your greatest physical or athletic accomplishment? How did you stay motivated to reach the finish line?

A few things came to mind when I read this question. Giving birth, for example! It was never an easy thing for me to carry a baby inside my tummy. My body seemed to detest it, actually. I experienced severe, constant nausea for the first few months, varicose veins the second half of each pregnancy that got worse with each pregnancy, and had a hernia during the first pregnancy that caused a lot of pain. By my third pregnancy, the physical difficulties began to take a toll mentally as well. So worth it, though! I always envied those that had an easier time with it.

Another thing that came to mind was the Halloween Half Marathon I ran several years ago in Provo, Utah. It was especially satisfying because my training got interrupted by an injured toe and despite the set back I was able to finish strong and ran the whole time with the exception of bathroom breaks. I never had any desire to do a longer run and this one was even a bit too long for me. 5Ks are perfect and 10ks are a good challenge for me, but this will by my one and only longer than those.

I love playing softball and it was awesome to make the JV softball team my sophomore year in high school. I didn't play at all my Jr. Year and went back to recreational play my senior year. Our team took first place. One thing I learned from my experiences was that while I love to play and win, it is simply fun to play. I didn't enjoy how competitive it was my sophomore year (and that was only JV). To this day, I cannot stand to see a coach or a parent yell at a child in the name of winning, no matter the age or team.

Motivation has come in different forms. Sometimes, I motivate myself by pushing myself. I actually love the feel of hard, difficult things, like running uphill at a fast pace, for example. With each of the above, I simply wanted the end result so I pressed forward despite all the setbacks and difficulties. Keeping focused on the destination helps, and looking for the good along the way. Pregnancy had its high points, too. Like feeling the baby kick, listening to the heartbeat, choosing a name, etc. The softball team came with awesome coaches, lots of learning and growing, and great teammates. The half marathon had beautiful views and gave me the opportunity to spend a little time with my cousin who ran the same race.

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