Wednesday, January 11, 2017

#52Stories Gratitude

Here is another question I wanted to answer in Family Search's #52 stories challenge.

What is something you taught yourself to do, without much help from anyone else?

This seems like a trick question. I feel that everything I know how to do I had a great deal of help in. I describe myself as being "self-taught" at the piano, but in reality I still had help. My mom taught me a bit when I was young and answered my questions as I went along. She also played the piano a lot which taught me by example. I also had a lot of music instruction in orchestra growing up which helped me learn other instruments.

It is the same with writing. I learned from teachers, classmates and critique group members over the years. Not to mention the encouragement of family and friends. When it came to trying to get published I turned to books and blogs to learn the ropes and SO MANY PEOPLE that I don't even know helped me learn how to query agents and publishing companies, market, and format a book in Word, which I imagine is a bit like performing oral surgery without any training. Come to think of it, oral surgery is probably easier.

There are other things that I would consider "gifts," or talents that are more of a spiritual bestowal. But I know where those came from and I did very little to earn them on my own, in this life at least. I have been able to develop these some through learning, study, and practice, all of which have come to me through the help of someone.

In short, I love to learn, and have a lot of determination and am capable of exerting a lot of effort. But I've always had help from others along the way. And I'm grateful.

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Camie said...

I've heard you play the piano and have read some of your books and you're definitely talented at both.