Monday, February 27, 2017

#52 Stories Da Bomb Friendships

What have been the most important and valued friendships in your life?

I've already talked about some of them, but a few specific people come to mind. One of my best friends named Jill was instrumental in getting me to come out of my shell. For whatever reason, I just felt like I could be myself around her and I attribute a lot in my life to my friendship with her. A friend named Abby comes to mind because when my husband and I decided to move to Colorado, I was nervous and the only thing I prayed for for months before we moved was a friend. God provided in a big way. Again, I felt like I could be myself around her. I guess that's huge for me. Another meaningful friendship is with one of my sisters. Sharee and I have been pretty tight ever since I was seventeen and repented of my big sister meanness. She is a gem. My friends Amy and Misty have been huge lifesavers and continue to love and support me on a regular basis. When it comes to friends, I am blessed in big and miraculous ways.

Oh yeah, and my husband is an amazing friend. :)

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