Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Back Injuries are the Best

About a year ago I injured my back shoveling snow. After a couple of months of physical therapy, I could sit for longer than an hour. It's still not 100%, but I'm not complaining because I can do a THREE MINUTE PLANK without breaking a sweat. I figure I'll just keep doing the PT forever. It's all good. Oh, and my ankle feels almost amazing. I even started exercising for real again yesterday. Our bodies are meant to be strong and capable. It feels so good to walk again!!! I'm actually appreciating now the gradual healing of my ankle because every day I keep thinking about how grateful I am to be off crutches, not hobbling, and not in pain. 


Camie said...

So glad to hear both your ankle and back are stronger.

Loralie Ricord said...

Looking good sweetie, glad things are coming together, or getting better;) Love you!