Thursday, March 29, 2018

Book Review Ratings

Since I review books once in a while, I've decided to have a rating scale because I would hate to recommend a book that isn't right for someone. So, here it is:

FF is for Family Friendly. Good for all readers. You can probably read this out loud to the young and old without any problems.

BR is for Brave Reader. Recommended for 13 and up if reading alone or 9 and up if reading with a responsible, trusted adult. These books may have some tough things to read and bring up thematic topics of discussion.

PWTYAA is for Probably Wait 'Til You're An Adult. These books contain specific material beyond thematic elements, and I only recommend them for the mature reader if I recommend them at all.

That's it! I hope this will help my blog readers discern which books I review are right for them.

Happy Reading!

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