Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The Book on My Mind

Three weeks ago today, my family and I moved into a new house. A week before that, we said goodbye to our home in Maryland and began trekking across the country. Two thousand and sixty-six miles of pure fun. ;) The first person I met here invited me to a book club. I got to thinking about books and suddenly wanted to read a particular story. I soon made a trip to our new local library and found this old friend.

I had read this book years ago and remembered loving it, but I couldn't imagine how it would affect me now. The story begins with Sarah making a trek with her family to a new place. When they arrive, they discover it's not that great and return home. This mirrored my own current circumstances in a way. My family had moved to Maryland five years previous. It's not that it wasn't great, but we just felt like it was time to move home. So we did. I love how books can provide that rare connection sometimes if you read the right book at the right time. 

I hope you've got one of those treasure troves on your mind right now. And if not, I hope you find one soon.

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Loralie Ricord said...

I'm so glad you've come home!