Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Writer Wednesday-Developing a Marketing Plan

The business of being an author is roughly one half writing and one half marketing. Marketing is what helps our books sale and what connects us to readers. Writing time is our production time, but marketing can be just as productive when it comes to getting our books out there. Recently I came up with a marketing pledge and schedule. I thought I'd share them and encourage writers to come up with their own. What will help you get your books out there little by little?

Marketing Pledge:

I pledge to WORK HARD, Be Creative, and NEVER GET DISCOURAGED!

Marketing Schedule:

Mondays: Blog (Comment on someone else’s blog)
Tuesdays:  Tweet writer tips & encouragement (Follow 10-20 new people)/ Facebook or Instagram love for ½ hour (this means participating with others and commenting with kindness on the posts of others).
Wednesdays: Blog about writing or poetry (Comment on someone else’s blog)
Thursdays: Weekly post about my life on Instagram & Facebook (Comment on someone else’s post)
Fridays: Special projects

Events: Ideally, an event once a month is a good goal. During release time, an event once or twice a week would be better.

By Specific Outlets:
Goodreads: Mark books I’m reading and give reviews when finished. When I have a new release, do a giveaway or something else to promote my book or engage readers.
Youtube: Produce quality videos that promote my books/characters and provide wholesome entertainment.
Website Blog: For posting upcoming events
Facebook page & Instagram author page: Events, news, Funnies, etc. 

The goal is to: Uplift, Inform, Share, Inspire!


Camie Madsen said...

Giving thoughtful, kind comments are so needed in the world today. :)

Harry Mason said...

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